Why and How To Move A Blog From WordPress To Blogger Without Stress


Why and How To Move A Blog From WordPress To Blogger Without Stress:-

Most bloggers might be wondering why I decided to write a post like this but to be sincere with you all this post came on high demand both from my blog readers and fan page followers, am not trying to say that blogger is better than wordpress because both blogging platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are lots of reasons why some bloggers want to move their WordPress.com blogs to Blogger.com in this post I will be sharing with you all some of the reasons and how to move a blog from wordpress to blogger.

Why some bloggers move from wordpress to blogger

  1. Financial problems: not having money to pay to their hosting service. (How to pick the best web hosting service )
  2. Finding it hard to work on the WordPress platform because they are new to the platform
  3. Suspension from their hosting service because they get too much traffic so they need to upgrade to a higher plan for them to able to accommodate your visitors.

There are lots of things that make’s some bloggers move their blogs from WordPress to blogger but I decided to mention a few of the things that make’s bloggers migrate from wordpress to blogger.

Step by step guide to migrate from WordPress to blogger

  1.) WordPress dashboard

  1. First visit your wordpress dashboard
  2. click on tools : ==> export
  3. there are lots of options you can choose all or manually tick the once you want to be moved
  4. download the export file

2.) second step- convert the export file you downloaded

This is a great way to move your WordPress blog and post to blogger, there is a wonderful tool called wordpress to blogger apps it will help in converting the export file and it’s changed’s it into blogger’s format
  1. First visit  wordpress to blogger conversion tool
  2. upload the downloaded export file to the conversion tool.
  3. click covert
  4. save the converted file to your computer make sure you mark the name you use in saving it

3.) Last procedures – blogger dashboard

  1. visit your blogger dashboard
  2. click on setting ==> other
  3. click on import blog
  4. search for the files you have convert and use it, please don’t use the original WordPress file because it can’t work only the converted file will work.
  5. if you want to publish all your imported post check the little box it will be published
  6. if you want your post to be saved to draft then uncheck the box
  7. click done or publish
These are all the necessary tips and guide you need in migrating your blog from WordPress to blogger with all your blog post included,
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Please don’t forget to share with us your experience on how you successful migrate your blog from WordPress to blogger with all your blog post, pages and categories included without stress. remember we are always here to support you if you are facing any difficulty in migrating your blog from WordPress to blogger.com

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