How To Choose a Domain Name For Your Website or Blog


How To Choose a Domain Name For Your Website or Blog

The first thing you need to do when setting up an online business is to get a domain name.

Although it’s not absolutely essential, it’s pretty impossible to establish credibility, unless you have one, so I think of it as a must do. 

When you choose a domain you want to:

  • Find a domain which is easy to remember
  • Choose a domain name which is relevant to your business – i.e. you want to include relevant keywords. If your business is dog grooming, it would be better to include dog grooming in the URL. It makes it easier for search engines and people.
  • Not too long
  • Ideally choose a .com for universal, or for native-like India,UK, then or .in or for organisation .org etc.. .Com domain is normally better.

Most domain registration sites include a feature that assists your choice. It’s not always helpful, but it can be.

In Bluehost and Godaddy, you can use their bulk registration filter, to check which domains are available, from a batch that you paste in.

You can get good ideas from ,, and My favorite is You get to type in a primary keyword, and a secondary keyword, choose whether their selection should allow hyphens,fun, SEO,etc and it comes up with an extensive list of possible domains. You can also register your domains here. It’s a useful site.

It really doesn’t matter where you register your domains – it’s the hosting that makes the difference.

How to pick the best web hosting service

Most Domain Registration companies also offer Domain Forwarding as a free service. This allows you to point your domain to any webpage you choose. This can be very handy if you are promoting products as an affiliate (subject to the terms and conditions of the affiliate agreement).

When you get a domain name, you have the option of registering the domain for one year, two years ….Longer registrations are cheaper. You just need to decide whether the domain is a long term business or not and go for it.

When the domain registration expires, you often get a letter from companies hassling you to renew your domain, pretending to be your registrar. They will quote you inflated registration prices. I would avoid these. You should get an email automatically from the company you registered your domain with, It will be cheaper to renew your domain through them.

So, a word of warning. Keep a secure record of your domain names, when you registered them, their renewal date, and who you registered them with, because it’s easy to forget, especially if you use a number of different registrars. This way, you can re-register with your original registrar and not be manipulated by speculators trying to screw money out of you for nothing.