Blogger or WordPress for your new site? Which is best?


Blogger or WordPress for your new site? Which is best?

So you want to start a blog.  Good for you.  But where should you start?  What platform is going to be best and why? How much is it going to cost?  Where can you get help if you need it?  There are so many opinions out there, but basically, should you use Blogger or WordPress for your new site?

Let’s cut to the chase, evade the waffle and take a look at the major differences.  Why choose one or the other?  Which is best for your personal situation and how can you get the best of both for free? Below are the pros and cons of Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger – pros

  • It’s free.  Google hosts your content and provided you keep to small pictures and stay within their limits, there is nothing to pay.
  • Can be simple to use and ideal for a small non-commercial site.
  • Good to use as it was originally intended – as a blog – an online personal journal.
  • Robust Hosting.  Blogger sites are hosted on Google’s servers so you’ll rarely experience down times and your site should run smoothly most of the time

Blogger – Cons

  • The content on Blogger does not belong to you.  It belongs to Google.
  • At some point you’ll probably decide you want to move to WordPress and the transfer can be quite an ordeal with the chance to lose readers, traffic, SEO and more unless handled properly.
  • Their policy on the use of affiliate links is unclear.  If they review your site and don’t like your content – its removed.
  • Limited functionality.  There simply aren’t enough widgets to enable you to customize every aspect of your site as you would like it.
  • Smaller range of templates and designs available.  Many sites all look alike.
WordPress – Pros

  • Better for SEO.  Wordpress sites are structured better to be found by search engines to bring you better rankings and more traffic.
  • More functionality.  Whatever you want to do, you can do.  Either with the functions already built in or with additional mini-programs called plugins which are available in their thousands.
  • There are thousands of tutorials out there and it’s easy to learn and use to get started.
  • It saves you time by putting many tasks on autopilot that you would have to complete manually in Blogger.
  • Your content and site is your own and you can do with it whatever you like.
  • You can earn money from your site without any restriction via advertising and affiliate links.
  • Enormous number of themes and designs available for free.  Easy to get a very professional look.
  • Great active forum community with WordPress moderators help with all of your questions.
  • If your site is a business, it’s easy to sell later on if you want to.

WordPress – Cons 

  • You’ll need to buy a domain name and pay for web hosting.
  • Setting up the site, the domain and the hosting can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it.
  • WordPress sites tend to be attractive to spammers so you will need a plugin to remove spam before it hits your site.

How to get a new WordPress site set up for you – absolutely FREE!

If you are thinking of starting a blog or website and want full control over its content and future – go self-hosted with WordPress. If you buy from my any affiliated Bluehosting or Dreamhosting then only I can set one up for you, absolutely FREE including the first 6 months support and will show you some tips which can help you to manage and promote your blogs on google and social sites quickly and easily at free of cost to get traffic.

Here’s what the service includes:

  • Brand new website/blog using the latest version of WordPress
  • Fully set up theme, with tutorials on how to customise it.  Can change theme easily at any time.
  • Site home page with sidebar, present essential widgets, footer area and great slideshow
  • Best Social icons forever free.
  • Up to 5 custom pages for you to complete
  • A swanky contact page
  • About page for you to complete
  • Pages for your Privacy Policy and Disclosure Policy – optional
  • Color scheme of your choice
  • Full range of tutorial videos to customise the site – others can be prepared on demand
  • Essential plugins to increase site security
  • Spam control
  • Related posts widget to increase reader engagement
  • Optional add-on services available
  • Only available as a brand new set up to new GoDaddy customers.