What is a Blog? In Plain English Simple Language


What is a Blog? In Plain English Simple Language

In case you are fairly new to the internet, you’ve got likely heard the phrase “blog” flying around. however what’s a blog? How does it paintings? and the way can i use it on my internet site? these are all right questions, which i am hoping to reply for you.

what is a blog?

A blog, in handiest phrases, is a every day magazine of your mind that is maintained by using a blogger (which could be you) at the net. while posting to a blog you may observe that it is organized in chronological order – with the maximum latest additions on top.

you can pick out to permit your readers to feature their very own feedback/feedback to any problems you can have addressed in your blog. Or, you may upload audio for your blog. pretty neat, isn’t it. What a wonderful way to have contact with your clients.


Can or not it’s used on my website?

Can or not it’s used on my internet site? definitely. it may be a incredible device for you and your contacts. but, I in my opinion sense that it would be a greater gain to the established website that has a following. In other phrases, start with a newsletter first, to build your mailing list, than pass for the blog.

when you have a following, than pass for it. don’t want to pay for it? this is k, you could go to www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.com, you’ll get amazing educational online.

What can it do for my website?

I see many ingenious uses for a internet site this is based totally on content. together with:

1. robust conversation device – a shape of touch together with your consumer.

2. will let you get to recognize your customers and their wishes, as well as, allowing your customers to know you.

3. Can provide each day, best content – so that it will pull the engines like google and thus, boom your traffic.

four. Use it to advertise your links. Taking a conservative method, and blend it in to the subject.

five. Use it to answer inquiries that people may have.

6. Use it to tell.

As you can see, the list can be infinite. however I do see most effective one moderate downside for people who do now not need to maintain a regular vigil over their website – and that is retaining the blog. The blog need to be maintained on a everyday foundation. Why? human beings become bored, and on the net, it’s very easy to click on their boredom away. for this reason, preserve yourself enlightened and it should keep them enlightened.

if you discover this small disadvantage inconsequential – then move running a blog.