how to partion in computer without any software


how to partion in computer without any software:-

When we discuss “drives” labeled C:, D:, and so forth, we’re really speaking about partitions, sections of the bodily drive. Every exhausting drive in use has no less than one partition. You can shrink that partition and create new ones out of the additional house. You’ll discover this handy if you’d like to set up multiple working system, or if you’d like to actually separate packages and knowledge.

In Windows 7, click on Start, or inWindows eight, go to the Search appeal. Either method, kind partitions (and sure, you want the s), then choose Create and format exhausting disk partitions.


The Disk Management program will come up. To shrink the present partition, right-click it and choose Shrink Volume.

Then wait. It might take some time Eventually, a dialog field will ask how a lot you need the partition shrunk. The default quantity would be the most out there.

And therein lies Disk Management’s downside. If the present partition has 228GB free drive, you need to be ready to shrink it by something lower than 228GB. But Disk Management might not allow you to shrink it anyplace close to that a lot. If this system will not permit you to shrink the partition as a lot as you need, skip to the final paragraph.

Let’s assume that Disk Management permits you to shrink the partition sufficiently. In that case, set the suitable dimension, click on the Shrink button, and comply with the prompts.  When the resizing is completed, right-click the bodily drive’s unallocated house and choose Simple New Volume.

Then comply with the wizard.

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But if Disk Management cannot shrink the partition