How to Use whatsapp without number


Seems weird right!! but believe me or not it is possible by this trick. You can use whatsapp without any number. I found this whatsapp tricks hottest in the market. However there is a trick in this. It means you don’t need your number for using whatsapp but it will use whatsapp through other’s number. But here is the most tricky part. How you are going to get verification by that phone? I mean if it is not your number. It is possible through Fake whatsapp Number. We are bringing best in all whatsapp tricks for you.

Steps for using whatsapp without number: whatsapp tricks
If you are already using whatsapp on your phone then uninstall whatsapp from your phone.
You need to download whatsapp from the play store and do install it on your device.You need to follow this step as this is necessary if you want to use whatsapp without number.
Now to bypass phone verification you need to enable flight mode in your device.
Haha!! you will love the tricky part here. Open whatsapp it will ask for your mobile number for verification. Insert your mobile no. Don’t worry it will not able to send you verification message as you have already enabled flight mode.
Whatsapp will ask you to choose alternate options for verify your mobile number.
Click on “Check through SMS”. Now here you need to enter your email address.
Be aware guys!!!. Most care should be taken for this step. Press SEND button and then immediately click CANCEL button. In this way whatsapp will not able to initialize the authentication process needed for verifying your mobile number.
SECOND PART of this trick will now begin.
For android users :Download Spoof messages apps from google play store.
For iOS users download  Fake-A-Message
Open Spoofer Application. Send message to false verification.
Details for Spoofed Message:
To: +447900347295
from +(country code) (mobile number)
Message: Your Email Address
You can use spoofed number for using whatsapp. You can connect with friends by using this number.