Hack the WhatsApp Conversation of Your Friend

Do you know how to hack whatsappp conversation of your friend?
Have you ever believed that it is possible to perform top hacks in whatsapp?
Whatsapp is very vunerable still. Although they are upadating their service frequently.
If you  want to know how to hack whatsapp then follow these secret whatsapp tricks. It will certainly boost your knowledge about whatsapp.
Steps for hacking your freind’s whatsapp conversation
1.Navigate to the your smartphone MICROSD card \
Click on the Whatsapp and then on the Database choice.
2.If you have completely performed above two steps. then you will get two files
3.-msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt -msgstore.db.crypt
Note: please make a backup of these two files.
4. Go to your friends phone and copy these two files from their whatsapp database. Just paste these files in your whatsapp data files.
5. Restart whatsapp. You will see all conversation of your friend in your whatsapp messenger.
I hope you have successfully hacked your friend’s whatsapp acoount. Share this with your friend if you liked tips for whatsapp.